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The Winning Story

The Twiin’s Story

Ahaan was swimming ahead by barging all the competitors like Avinash, Aliya, Aadit except the cute Ahaana. Though he liked […]

Runner Up 1

Mumma Utho Na

“Happy birthday to you….. “, all were busy celebrating little Mahi, her husband, Rahul’s adopted child’s birthday.Meesha was upset seeing […]

Runners Up 2

After A Decade

“NOOOO!!!! I cannot stay with her in the same room,” screamed an obese Zeba and a wheelchair-bound Steffi simultaneously. But […]

Founders & Administrators

Virendra Shahaney

Virendra is the founder of Story Craft Education. With a 25 year long experience in screenwriting, and popular shows like […]

Aparna Shahaney

Aparna has been an independent television producer and is currently the Mission Manager of Story Craft Education. In her 25 […]

Author Of The Month

Julia Sargunam

Having a Master’s degree in Finance, I chose to stay at home leaving my sharemarket job behind.  Now I am a proud homemaker, wife and mother of two children, settled in Mumbai. Under the encouraging mentoring of Virendra sir, I dare to believe myself as a writer and ready to publish my first fiction novel “AVVA- Queen of the Earth 2.0 “.

Stories of Contest Just 99

The Land

Shikhar, in US, opens an envelope from India.His late father left a will, a land.For Shikhar, his Baba was a […]

Pindi Chole

He tuned in his radio set to AIR Amritsar from his dingy room in Lahore. “Satsriakal! Our first caller, Preetoji. […]


प्रिया अभी 10 साल की बच्ची हैं, लेकिन उसकी सोच उससे कही बड़ी हैं। एक दिन वह अपने माँ के […]

Winning and Loosing.

Rosy had an aim in life – that of winning a gold in the annual nationwide art competition. She felt […]


DDLJ Rajeev and Nisha are just married. Nisha, besotted by Raj of DDLJ, wishes that Rajeev should love her as […]

Awaited Moment

Only I understood how stressed I was deep inside as I sat in a chair with a smile.  His gaze was fixed on mine, a sight that seemed to peer directly into the minds. Fearful as prey, the look developed into something that can now fight back. Like always, his flirtatious smile blew my mind.  His mind was attempting to come up with stuff to prove him right this time. “Hello Vihaan,” I say with a smile.Come sit ! I hope this […]


“Connections are from the heart”. Ryna was deep in thought in their favourite spot at the park as she recalled […]


शिक्षिका ने वर्ग में आते ही सभी से गृहकार्य सुनाने को कहा, तो सभी बच्चे तैयार थे। तभी उन्होंने शर्त […]

The Mannequins

It’s 11! “Why were you so late today with the deliveries?”, Asked Sharad.“Traffic dada!”, replied Kishor.“Listen! Keep the clothes, don’t […]

I Am Happy

Scrolling down on Instagram, she hates every smiling picture wondering why is everyone so happy? Oh yes, the girl has […]

The Remaining Time

So, I was watching this lonely young man falling from the terrace, Time runs slowly for me sometimes. I could […]

Moving ON

He felt – “she would not be able to stand on her feet without his help”. She was determined to […]

Story Craft Alumni

Rijul Sharma

I’m a 20 year old undergraduate pursuing BCom currently. I have an inclination towards writing. I discovered my creative side […]

Bharath Vedala

I am Bharath from Hyderabad, currently pursuing post graduation in NIT surathkal and working as intern in Mediatek as physical […]


An aspiring screenplay writer and an exciting storyteller with an aim to showcase his talent into movie/serial making. Working on […]

Sanket JP

Sanket JP has seen 2 millennia, 2.4 decades and 24 years since his birth. In this short period of time, […]

Sapna Mangla

I am Prosthetics and Orthotics Engineer by profession. After looking after physically challenged people for about more than 20 yrs, […]


I am a Mutual fund distributor, insurance consultant, and Income tax return, advisor. I am working in the financial sector […]

Shashank Mhasawade ‘DomKaavla’

A passionate storyteller, Shashank Mhasawade ‘DomKaavla’, has varied experience from journalism, corporate communications and filmmaking. His story ‘Crossing Over’ was […]

Gurmeet Kaur

Gurmeet is an active television, web, and film writer who is dedicated to writing stories that bring social change across […]

Archit Kushwaha

I’m an Aspiring Screenwriter and Filmmaker who was probably working on his story before writing this Bio 😉 I love […]

Ramendra Prasad Tiger

Ramendra Prasad Tiger is an aspiring screenwriter, lyricist and poet of the new generation. He is always very innovative and […]


Tanushree is a budding writer. She has been awarded PhD degree in Political Science and her published research work on […]

Dr Deepali Mohokar

A doctor by profession, an ophthalmologist to be precise. But during the course of giving the best possible visual acuity […]

Alumni Works

स्त्री है क्या

एक औरत के अनेकों रूप होते है। हर रूप में उसे हम नए अवतार मे देखते हैं, और हर अवतार […]

खामोशियाँ : कुछ अधूरी यादें

बहुत सोचा तेरे खत का जवाब लिखूं, मगर लिखूं भी तो क्या लिखूं। चंद लफ्जों में बयान कैसे हो, सोचा […]


Ananya sat in the driver’s seat, not knowing where to go. She told herself to calm down. It looked as […]

Familiar Roads (Poem)

Familiar road In a city-friendly to her where a part of hers permanently resided. For it had her heart after […]


Grass Kulsum was grazing goats in the hills of Taftan, Balochistan, area with scanty vegetation. Suddenly, Earth shook. Afraid, Kulsum […]

lockdown emotion

Anger, Pride and Envy Jealousy and demeaning others The lockdown saw the worst in some Tread softly and cautiously Nothing […]

The Stage

They loved the stage. The theatre, they believed, was their temple, their place of worship. Hence, it was natural that […]

Parenting…a roller coaster ride

Parenting… Its literary meaning is the process of supporting and promoting the development of a child, from infancy to adulthood, […]


Trekked in the mountains and admired the valley view. Drank the spring water bathed in the waterfalls Quaint little places […]

माँ-बाबा, मुझसे कुछ नहीं छुपता !

माँ-बाबा आपको लगता मैं कुछ समझती नहीं, पर आपकी कोई भी भावना मुझसे कभी छुपती नहीं। जब पहली बार आपने […]

Old Love Stories – Part 1

Her great-grandchildren visit her every weekend. It’s their “me time” with her. They love the cookies she makes and the […]


प्रिया अभी 10 साल की बच्ची हैं, लेकिन उसकी सोच उससे कही बड़ी हैं। एक दिन वह अपने माँ के […]