lockdown emotion

Anger, Pride and Envy
Jealousy and demeaning others
The lockdown saw the worst in some

Tread softly and cautiously
Nothing goes unnoticed
through his razor-sharp eyes
Behold! Beware
You are answerable to him.

Goodness as majestic as the skies
Prayers as deep as the ocean
Hope as expansive as the universe
The strength which the one up gave
Courage welled forth within.

The soft autumn breeze
that blew softly across one face
calmed the soul.
The night to morning pelting rain washed away the sorrows
the bells of new dawn rang in.
The lockdown saw the best in others,
in the end, humanity won
for the dawn of today brought in
Positivity, happiness, love and laughter
Peace prevailed.

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