When I see a blank paper, my mind quizzes
It always leaves the open-ended question, which keeps buzzes
It keeps me thinking, shall I write a poem or a micro tale
To unleash my feelings and unattained dreams
Shall I write a Short Story or a Screenplay
To unfold my existence and essence
For the younger generation to read and reflect
The blank paper can tell a story which never told before
But the view holder should look at it as an artist
The blank paper always offers me to decorate it
But I only know to decorate a paper through my words.
The journey of a blank paper to a formatted manuscript
Can not only shares the feeling and thought of a writer,
But it also offers a story that can never be told.
It shares the rise and fall of a writer; it introduces the true writer to the world.
I promise you nothing… But I accept and acknowledge that one day my decorated paper will rule your heart.
I promise nothing but to take you to a world of possibilities.
I accept and acknowledge that I will give you scintillating experiences

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