MUTUAL FUND INVESTORS Common Mistakes & Myths

Investing is a mindset. If you tune your mind, you will find many good options near you. Mutual Funds are among one of them. You can beat inflation with Mutual Funds.

In the last ten years working as a Mutual Fund Distributor, I face many investors who want to invest in Mutual Funds but choose to invest in some other products just because of a lack of knowledge. There is no one available to help them understand what Mutual Funds are and how they will fulfil their long-term goals.

Some investors start investing in Mutual Funds without proper knowledge and don’t know how Mutual Fund works.

This book is the first instalment of my educational series focusing on three essential areas, i.e., understanding mutual funds, investor’s common mistakes & myths relating to Mutual Funds.

This book will answer most of the general questions about Mutual Funds and retail investors’ common mistakes. It will help in understanding the Myths and Terminology of Mutual Funds. In this book, you can understand the key and complicated terms in layman language.

If you are a retail Mutual Fund investor or plan to invest in Mutual Funds, this book will be of great help.

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