Attaining financial freedom is like giving birth to a child, which cannot happen with single-person efforts. You and your spouse both need to make up their minds, “yes, we want to be financially free”.
When a couple planned to become parents, they have to change many things, from their daily routines to their habits, from their spending choices to their eating habits.
The financial freedom journey is also the same. To achieve financial freedom, you and your spouse need to be determinant and may be changed some or many habits.
You need to create a free space in your earnings and clean up all the financial messes. You give me the desired commitment, and I will show you the path which leads you to the new world where you are free of all financial worries. I know it will not be a comfortable ride, but your future road will be as smooth as an expressway after some bouncy patches.
In this book, we discuss different steps which are essential for your journey. We discuss from determination to portfolio creation. We learn some simple techniques to achieve your goals. We create a new space for your new child, “financial freedom”.

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