Every individual ignores Will writing (Estate Planning). We think only earning is the goal of our life. We put everything in creating estates and one day journey ends, leaving all the estates to court. The financial protection of our loved ones is on the stack because of our ignorance.

Sometimes we ignore appointing a legal heir because we think it’s a very complicated legal process. In Indian law and by every country’s laws, the Will writing process is kept as simple as ordering food online. You do not need to be an expert for your Will writing.

Will is your last wish list. Law always binds according to your Will, if you have a legally valid Will. Your all estates inherit as per your Will. By creating a Will, you instruct the transfer of your estate to your beneficiary and as per your wish.

In this book, you will learn “how to create your Will by yourself”. No need for any legal person or law expert. This book will guide you step by step to create your legally valid Will and answers all the questions in your mind.

This book is focusing on and encouraging individuals to write their Will for the financial protection of their loved ones.

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