Abhishek Mishra

Abhishek Mishra aims to create a new platform or forum through his stories and characters that remain immortal. He is always open to help and support people in every aspect.
As a writer, he received accolades on several platforms for expressing his feeling through his words. He has participated in 30+ anthologies and contributed with his amazing and spine-chilling 26 short stories and four poems. He has also written multiple articles related to Project Management, but writing fictional stories and further synthesizing them to screenplay fascinates him a lot.
Professionally he is an I.T. Project Manager with 15+ years of experience, but now with no interest to continue as a Project Manager. After he started writing, he always looked out for various reasons to leave his job. I must say he is mastered in it with his enhanced skills of fictionalizing things around him. and thanks to Story craft education and Viru Sir, who inspires him and motivates him to think all such weird things like what a lizard thinks when they saw a human or how usually monkeys communicate to each other and what if monkeys have got a special power where they can talk, but only a monkey can hear them, no one else, etc., etc.
He used to be very silent in nature, but now he talks a lot, and it’s always about stories, screenplay, story elements, outline, and whatnot; I am getting tired of explaining them, but he never does. His favourite line is, “Soon you will see my name on your T.V. screen.” I wish to see his name on my T.V. screen someday.

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