Karthikeyeni R

Karthikeyeni R born and bred in Madras ( now Chennai), started her career as an educator, tagging along with her daughter to school. Later stopped stalking her child and used her M.A in English Literature, M.Phil., B.Ed., and M.Sc IT., to facilitate graduates of English Literature, to love the works of Shakespeare, with her 4-year stint as a Professor. She headed CBSE institutions for five years and finally decided to take a break to pursue her passion.

She has started her journey as a Writer after 16 years of experience in the educational sector. She is excited to explore various genres of writing, especially non-fiction, her forte and dabble in fiction, her fascination.

Even though her passion for writing spawned from the intention to amuse herself, she is armed with diverse, intriguing life experiences to entertain her readers. She had also published her novel ” Quest for Change” under the mentorship of Viru Sir.

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