Sapna Mangla

I am Prosthetics and Orthotics Engineer by profession. After looking after physically challenged people for about more than 20 yrs, I ultimately found time for my passion to write. I wish to spread the message of leading a happy life with fruitful relationships to all the readers of my writings.
I successfully published ‘Zoya: A girl full of life. “Zoya” my first long story, inspired by my heart. It reflects the values of a girl struggling to maintain relationships along with her career and ultimately coming out as a winner.
Recently, I have published my second book ‘Maggpie: Mystery of Frooti Island”, a story, especially for children. It is the story of a city girl, ‘Maggpie’ having silky hair just like Maggie, an all-time favourite of all the kids. It takes children through a wonderful fantasy world, with lots of adventures, magic and reflects the values of care and concern.
‘Parenting’ is my favourite topic and I’m also writing a blog ‘Parenting: A roller coaster ride’ on the Momspresso platform. My workbook on the same is under process.
My hobbies are reading books, exploring new places, and making friends. I am a keen learner.

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