A Proposition

Satej wanted to sell off the dwindling business and invest that money in a startup. Maya, his wife and company’s co-founder, had not consented to the same. She was the sole property heir of the same. It was her stree-dhan and the only memory she had of her parents.
Frequent disagreements over the same led to a marital strain. Satej startup dream crashed, and he found an ally in alcohol. Lockdown took place. Stuck together in four walls of the house was claustrophobic for Satej and Maya. Financial loss and a slow economy only made matters worse for both of them.
Encouragements from her friends led Maya to become a baker. Everyone appreciated Maya’s baking. Maya couldn’t bear to see the brilliance of Satej going to waste. So, she came up with a proposition. Her baking project could be their new startup, of which Satej would be the business head. Satej realised this could be their dream startup if they would be a team. He agreed to Maya’s idea. It was a win-win for both.

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