Hues of orange, blue and white in the sky was a sharp contrast to the dull-looking clothes that Sahira was wearing. The smile on her face, though, spoke volumes of love that existed in her heart. How can she be happy was the orthodox opinion of this sleepy town, where a tragedy had just occurred in Sahira’s life with the death of her husband – Vinayak.
But, Sahira believed: Happiness is within and is contagious. She knew that love and patience was the need of the hour in a town known for its riots and notorious gangsters.

Sahira dreamt of starting a school for the underprivileged and rebuilding the town. She wanted to fulfil Vinayak’s dream, which was to educate the children, for he believed that they are the hopes for tomorrow. But the land she wanted to build a school was the one where construction was not allowed.

It took years before construction was finally allowed. Sahira was then able to build the school and fulfil Vinayak’s dream. Laughter, Peace, Hope, Resilience, Patience, Strength, Love, Friendship are the colours now in the village.

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