“Connections are from the heart”. Ryna was deep in thought in their favourite spot at the park as she recalled Darpan’s word when Jackie passed away.

A lick on her face stunned Ryna. Droopy eyes looked into her eyes and melted her heart. The two of them spent the next few hours in silence. He followed her as she got up to stroll, barked at anyone who came near. Jackie, she blurted out. He immediately looked up attentively. Ryana clutched her hand to her skirt, her heart skipping a beat as she wondered – Was he reincarnated? The warmth seemed familiar to Ryna as she hugged the furry ball of delight.

Ryna looked up at the skies. Had Darpan sent him? She desperately looked for a sign. Ryna wanted to take this furry ball back home with her but couldn’t. Back home, her ailing grandmother had become allergic to fur. Ryna’s heart sank as she walked back home.

Soon the skies began to grey. There was a thunderstorm and lighting. Then it began to rain. Ryna heard footsteps and stopped. She glanced behind only to see – Jackie was following her back home.

Ryna sighed. There was no way she would let Jackie get wet and leave him like that. She then whistled the tune, the one Jackie liked. Jackie refused to let go of her. Ryna thought to herself: I will figure something when I get home wherein I can get to keep Jackie and make sure that nothing happens to grandmom. For now, Jackie will come home. The family needs love back in their lives.

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