Pindi Chole

He tuned in his radio set to AIR Amritsar from his dingy room in Lahore.

“Satsriakal! Our first caller, Preetoji. Please share your recipe,” drawled the RJ.
“It’s Pindi Chole. Soak Kabuli Chanas overnight. Pressure cook them. Roast the spices and add chole once the steam escapes.”
“And would you like to dedicate a song, Preetoji?”
“Ghar kab Aaoge.To Amanjeet.”

“A pressure cooker bomb exploded at an eatery in Rawalpindi, killing Maulana Massod Azar.” The news reader on PTV shrieked hysterically.

Amaan Khan AKA Amanjeet Singh boarded the Air India flight to take him home, to his Preeto.

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