Quest for Change

Nirmala, a 35-year-old widow who has lost her son in an accident ten years ago is driving her car, feeling sick and disgusted.

The abused child directs her to his house.

This traumatic incident stops her feeling of being suffocated and insignificant and selfish. Her heart bleeds for the molested child.

Meanwhile, gossips surface damaging Nirmala’s character.

She can easily guess her life headed towards a controversial disaster. She has already been dragged like a rag doll on a thorny path. Now, these atrocious accusations flung her into an abyss of depression.

How is she going to prove her innocence? The gossipmonger had started the wildfire of gossip which crackled among the relatives and friends.

Who can stop this?

Will Nirmala pull herself up from this quagmire of despondency?

Why doesn’t she stand up for herself?

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